Invasion 10 days on and nearer to Odessa

Over 1 million people, mostly mothers and children, are thought to have fled across the borders to Eastern Europe. Odessa is very near the border with Moldova.

Father and son waving goodbye
Fleeing Kyiv
Mother and baby on the move
Jewish orphans in Odessa getting train to Berlin
This photo was illustrating a story: a father was bringing his two children across the border to meet his wife who was travelling from Italy to Poland to meet them. The father was stopped from crossing the border, as he was between 18 and 60, and in desperation he handed his two children to a woman as she crossed. On the other side, they couldn’t see the children’s mother and sat down to rest. A short time afterwards, the little boy’s phone began to ring in his bag. They scrambled to get the phone out and it was his mother, who had just arrived and was searching for them.
Beautiful picture of Odessa on Unity Day, 22 Feb

My daily news mainly comes from the BBC, the Guardian and the New York Times. I find some pictures on these websites and some I search out from Google images trying to find reliable-looking and interesting articles and photographs. Excuse me if there are any mistakes as the photos are not always well labelled..

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