This blog is the culmination of a long search for information about the 1905 Odessa pogrom – about who died in the pogrom, where they lived and what their lives might have been like. The Russian pogroms against the Jews occurred in a time when people kept silent about such things so there are no stories and very few facts about those who died. The silence itself affected the families for generations. The blog began as a home for a list of 300 Jews in the Odessa rabbinical death records, which have rarely been accessed in the Odessa archives and never appeared online before. It then developed as a place to imagine the lives of the people in Odessa in 1905 who were caught up in the pogrom.

Links to the list of those killed in the 1905 Odessa pogrom in English and Russian:





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  1. Howard

    I found that reading The Five by Jabotinsky – a novel about Odessa Jewish family in the first decade of the 20th century – really gave a sense of what life was like. sounded like my grandparents family in many ways.
    Howard Krosnick


  2. Paul Stitelman

    I came upon this site by accident, and was surprised to find a narrative about my great aunt, Golda Field, and her family. Something I wrote in Avotaynu was also quoted at length (thank you). I know a little more about the Pogrom that came down to me as family stories, and would like to clarify a few points in the excellent narrative here. Please feel free to get in touch.


  3. athinbody

    I am reading the Odessa stories by Isaac Babel at the moment, and the images of Moldovanka leapt so vividly to my mind that I set up to do some research online.
    Such a beautiful work you have done on here!


  4. Hannah Goichman

    I looked up my last name and uncovered more than I thought I ever could about my family through this. I’ve been following the Goichman family(my family) and unearthed many family secrets….specifically Anna, whom I’m named after. Thank you to whoever wrote this, I need more information, I’m starved for any family history, please reach out.


  5. I just stumbled across your blog today and am so inspired by it. Thank you for making these records accessible and for treating history with such care.


  6. Shifrah Halevi

    Thank you for your excellent work. I found two possible connections, however I haven’t done enough research to confirm them. A family member was named Bessie Oxenhandler, but she was born in 1884, years before the child Bessie whom you describe in your blog. Also, my family may be related to Sura Leibov Kolditskaya, who was murdered in the Odessa pogram. Seeing these names has inspired me to find out more–I thought everyone was lost long ago.


  7. Olivier THOMAS

    What a surprise when reading my family relatives from Odessa named Kofman 🙂 I really would like to know people who wrote this article to be in touch with. Regards


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